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In 2004 at the International Aids Conference in Bangkok, I bought dresses Adriana Bertini made out of condoms, and when I saw the presentation José Teunissen gave at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, I realised that fashion could be more than just fancy clothes. Fashion can tell a story, and I was curious as to which story designers had to tell. 


Under the name Fashion on the Edge, José Teunissen and I, together with the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, organised presentations of young cutting-edge designers and made two travelling exhibitions, The Art of Fashion in 2009 and The Future of Fashion is Now in 2015. We commissioned work by Viktor&Rolf, Wouter van Beirendonck, Hussein Chalayan, Craig Green, Iris van Herpen, Rejina Pyo and many other international designers. These well-received exhibitions drew a large and diverse public. 


While I am no longer involved in making fashion exhibitions, I do continue collecting selected works by fashion artists Viktor&Rolf, since I feel that they are part of the Dutch cultural heritage. So far, I have donated 24 of their designs to the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.






Adriana Bertini 


Hussein Chalayan


Hussein Chalayan


The Art of Fashion

The Art of Fashion: Installing Allusions

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

19 September 2009 / 10 January 2010

Five top international designers were presented exclusive work in The Art of Fashion. With this exhibition Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen explores the boundaries of fashion. Fashion shows and advertising campaigns have had their day. Designers use installations, performances and sculptural designs and enter the area of fine art. In Rotterdam the sparks that fly at the interface between fashion and art were revealed spectacularly.

At the heart of the exhibition are exclusive new works by five top international designers. The H+F Fashion on the Edge Foundation invited Viktor&Rolf, Naomi Filmer, Hussein Chalayan, Anna-Nicole Ziesche and Walter Van Beirendonck to make brand new pieces for this exhibition. The designers abandon the principle of a wearable collection and seek out the boundaries of fashion. 


The Future of Fashion is Now

The Future of Fashion is Now is an exhibition and (event) platform that seeks to connect and celebrate young fashion designers/artists around the world and, as such, aims to work towards defining a new system of fashion.

All exhibitions, commissions, events and awards are the result of the ongoing project The Future of Fashion is Now, an initiative of Han Nefkens and José Teunissen. Set up in 2006, TFOFIN makes possible the development of fashion pieces and installations by Viktor & Rolf, Hussein Chalayan and many others, which are then offered to the museum on long-term loans. It initiates commissions and supports research into valuable changes in the fashion scene.



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