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Han Nefkens Foundation – Buk SeMA Korean Video Art Production Award 2019: 

Moojin Brothers


© Moojin Brothers

Moojin Brothers win the Han Nefkens Foundation – Buk SeMA Korean Video Art Production Award 2019

Seoul, 19 April 2019: Moojin Brothers are the winners of the Han Nefkens Foundation – Buk SeMA Korean Video Art Production Award 2019.

Moojin Brothers have unanimously been chosen as the winners of the Han Nefkens Foundation – Buk SeMA Korean Video Art Production Award 2019 for their distinctively innovative and organic visual language, which is at once contingent and intrepid.

Moojin Brothers’ multi-layered, aesthetically exceptional work comprises diverse, experimental compositions, with an interest in the constellation of collective image, and demonstrates potential for a fulfilling long-term practice.

The Han Nefkens Foundation and the Buk-SeMA have established this award with the aim of supporting the artistic video production in Korea and encouraging the contemporary artistic creation.The award is aimed at emerging artists who have made a significant contribution to contemporary Korean art.

Moojin Brothers receive $15.000 funding for the production of a new work which will be presented in 2020 at the Buk SeMA. The Han Nefkens Foundation will also present the work in various art centres worldwide throughout 2020 and 2021.

Moojin Brothers have been selected concertedly by a judging panel chaired by Mr. Han Nefkens (Founder of the Han Nefkens Foundation), and joined by Ms. Heykyung Ki (Managing Director of SeMa, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art), Ms. Hiromi Kurosawa (Chief Curator of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan), Ms. Haegue Yang (artist), Ms. Yu-Ling Chou (Curator of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung).

Moojin Brothers is a media artist group that consists of Mujin Jung(1979), Hyoyoung Jung(1983), and Youngdon Jung(1988). They capture strange and eccentric senses and images from stories of people around them, and highlight the new and unfamiliar aspects in our lives. They reconstruct the lives of ordinary people like laborers, writers and youth in various artistic ways and capture various artistic meanings from them. Also, they develop myths or legends from deep inside our lives, historical exploration of time and space and reinterpretation of classical text into film language.

They had solo exhibition “The Door into Summer”(2018) at Nam June Paik Art Center - Mezzanine Space, and have participated in several group exhibitions and screenings such as “Flip Book: The Revolutionary Animation of the 21th Century”, (2018, Ilmin Museum of Art, Korea), “Video Portrait”, (2017, Total Museum for Contemporary Art, Korea),“European Media Art Festival” (2016, Osnabrück, Germany), “18th FESTCURTAS BH” (2016, Minas Gerais, Brazil).

“Winning an award always seems to be accompanied by some kind of opportunity. This award is a new motivation for us. We're very excited about what we're going to do. Thank you for the opportunity to do new work.” – Moojin Brothers.

SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art

SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art opened in 2013 as a branch of Seoul Museum of Art, the municipal museum of Seoul. It aims to serve as cultural centre for the local community where art, people and nature come together to promote cultural creativity and interaction.

The seven shortlisted artists were: Jeamin Cha (b. 1986), Mi Jung Shin (b. 1983), Min Oh (b. 1975), Moojin Brothers, Seo Young Chang (b. 1983), Young Zoo IM (b. 1982), Yun Choi (b. 1989).

The candidates for the Han Nefkens Foundation – Buk SeMA Korean Video Art Production Award 2019 were selected by an expert committee comprising Boseul Shin (Curator in chief, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul), Danji Lee (Director CAN Foundation, Seoul), Haeju Kim (Deputy Director, Art Sonje Center, Seoul), Christine Kim (Associate Curator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, USA), Seewon Hyun (Co-director, Audio Visual Pavillon, Seoul), Sohyun Ahn (Director, Art Space Pool, Seoul), Wonhwa Yoon (art critic) and Wonseok Koh (Head of Exhibition Division, Seoul Museum of Art).

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