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MCAD Manila

Shirin Neshat 

6 Nov – 8 Dec 2018

MCAD Manila - Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (Philippines)


© Shirin Neshat, Tooba, 2002

MCAD Commons is an exhibition programme of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Manila. It is conceptualised as a programmed space that is removed from the main gallery space of the museum.

Conceived as a project to continue the expanding activities of the museum, MCAD Commons brings MCAD’s singular programming to a larger audience that allows for the engagement with creative development, ideas exchange, and support of the artistic process across the areas of research, art practice, and curatorial discourse.

Following the thinking that art responds to its context, the choice of space is developed in-step with the creative formation of the show rather than as a passive, neutral container. The varied formations of the projects will tie in with the publics that sustains the site and the process of art making.

About Tooba

Tooba (2002) explores Iranian identity, showing a pilgrimage of people from their homeland towards an imagined utopia in the form of a tree situated in a barren landscape. Within the Tooba tree, the sacred tree of paradise that offers shelter and sustenance to the people, is a woman that symbolizes its soul, another nod to Neshat’s affinity for female agency and empowerment.


Shirin Neshat


6 Nov – 8 Dec 2018

MCAD Manila - Museum of Contemporary Art and Design

Ground Floor, Benilde School of Design and Arts Campus, Dominga, Malate, Maynila, 1004 Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines

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