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Han Nefkens Foundation –

Arco Madrid Video Art Production Award 2019

in collaboration with the Matadero Madrid

Aims to be a tool for increasing contemporary artistic production in the video art field and is directed at emerging international artists.



The Han Nefkens Foundation is a private non-profit organization that was set up in Barcelona in 2009 by Dutch writer and patron, Han Nefkens. It aims to promote art and the artistic process and in turn, connect people through art. 


ARCOmadrid 2019’s mandate is to promote and sell unique and multiple 20th and 21st century avant-garde and contemporary artworks, with a special focus on the latest forms of visual expression. Moreover, in its specific capacity as an international fair, it shall specially emphasise the participation of those galleries or publishers that have been most noteworthy in their activities and with the greatest international impact. 


Matadero Madrid is a centre for cultural creation and production that brings together all forms of contemporary artistic research and expression: the visual and performing arts, performance, design, literature, digital culture, architecture and many other creative practices that are not easily classified.



The Award 2019 involves the production of a video art work. Any type of film or documentary that does not belong to this artistic discipline is excluded. 

The winning artists will be asked to realize a new production drawn on the symbolic title of the work of Félix-González Torres, ‘Perfect Lovers’. Taking this poetic title as a starting point will certainly inspire the artists to develop an interesting new work. More than a homage to the artist, it is a continuation of the reflection on the vital subjects of love, life and time. 

The winning artist will receive €15,000 for the production of a new work. One copy of the final production will be donated by the award-winning artist to the Han Nefkens Foundation which will be included in its permanent collection, and the other copies will be properties of the awardee.


In order to consolidate the candidates’ career, we will appraise emerging promising artists, who are 35 years old or less, with an international perspective. 

The production of the new project will take one year, in which the artists must complete their work. 

The new work will be presented at Matadero Madrid in February 2020, coinciding with Arco Madrid 2020. At a later stage, the work awarded will be presented at several international centers, which are yet to be confirmed.  

Ten internationally recognized art critics and curators will carry out the scouting process.
Through this, they will expand the selected artist’s network of contacts as well as discover and get closer to lesser known video art works and thus, promote this discipline. 


The proposed procedure is as follows:

  • The selection of ten scouts/experts, each of which shall select three artists and provide reasons for their selections, as well as each candidate’s documentation (name, contact, dossier, 4 to 8 videos per artist, portfolio, updated cv).

  • These initial 30 proposals will be reduced to 10 that will formally be presented to the award jury. The pre-selection of the 10 finalists will be realised by an Arco Madrid representative and a Han Nefkens Foundation representative. 

    The award jury will comprise of 1 or 2 representatives from the Han Nefkens Foundation, 1 or 2 representatives from Arco Madrid, 3 external international jury-members (appointed by Arco Madrid and by the Han Nefkens Foundation) 

The calendar for the selection process of the artists and presentation of the award is as follows:

  • 24th December 2018: deadline – presentation of the information of each proposed artist by the scouts involved in the selection process

  • 21st January 2019: deadline – presentation of the 10 pre-selected finalists by an Arco Madrid representative and a Han Nefkens Foundation representative. 

  • 28th February 2019: jury meeting and announcement of the winner of the prize

  • February 2020: presentation of the winning project at Matadero Madrid



Scouts & Experts:

  • Fatoç üstek (Turkey | Director and chief curator of DRAF-David Roberts Art Foundation, London)

  • Catalina Lozano (Colombia | Curator at Museo Jumex, Mexico City)

  • Eva Gonzalez Sancho (Spain | Curator at Oslo Pilot, Norway)

  • Martí Manen (Spain | director Index, Sweden)

  • Krist Gruijthuijsen (The Netherlands | Director KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin)

  • Venus Lau (China | Artistic Director of K11, Hong Kong)

  • Sona Stepanyan (Russia | Independent curator, Armenia)  


  • Karimah Ashadu (UK, 1985)

  • Manuel Correa (Colombia, 1991)

  • Aziz Hazara (Afghanistan, 1992)

  • Hao Jingban (China, 1985)

  • Polina Kanis (Russia, 1985)

  • Ross Little (UK, 1989)

  • Jorge Scobell  (Mexico, 1983)

  • Ping Wong (Hong Kong, 1994)

Jury members:

  • Han Nefkens, Founder of the Han Nefkens Foundation

  • Ana Ara, Head of Public Programs of the Matadero Madrid

  • Manuel Segade, Director of Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo and curator of Arco 2020

  • Sunjung Kim, President of the Gwangju Biennale Foundation

  • Rein Wolfs, Director of the Bundeskunsthalle.