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Aslan Ġoisum


Aslan Ġoisum    ​



Year: 2017

Duration: 19 min 57  

Single-channel, HD video projection, colour, sound, in Chechen with English subtitles 

Video produced by the Han Nefkens Foundation


Born 1991, Chechnya, RU
Works in Chechnya, RU ​


Aslan Gaisumov: Crystals and Shards

11.10.2018  – 25.11.2018
Kohta, helsinki, Finland

Beautiful World, Where Are You?, 10th Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, UK

14.07.2018 – 28.10.2018

Opened Ground, Void Gallery, Derry, IE


Dark Shelters, Le CAP Saint-Fons, Lyon, FR


All That You See Here, Forget, Emalin, London, UK

In Keicheyuhea, the lens of the camera follows a car with a woman as she travels in the mountainous district of southern Chechnya, to see the site of her ancestral village for the first time since 1944. As she gets out of the car and comes nearer to the actual spot she scans the austere landscape, trying to identify familiar traces, and says, “There is nothing to see.” There is a world of a difference between what the woman eventually recognizes and what the artist, the camera and the viewers are not able to see. She arrives, her memories animate the place, and as she leaves it, after a short interval, the site is transformed from the silence of history back into the silence of nature.