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Aslan Ġoisum


Aslan Ġoisum    ​



Year: 2017

Duration: 22 min 57  

Single-channel, HD video projection, colour, sound, in Chechen with English subtitles 

Video produced by the Han Nefkens Foundation


Born 1991, Chechnya, RU
Works in Chechnya, RU ​


Aslan Gaisumov: Crystals and Shards

11.10.2018  – 25.11.2018
Kohta, helsinki, Finland

Beautiful World, Where Are You?, 10th Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, UK

14.07.2018 – 28.10.2018

Opened Ground, Void Gallery, Derry, IE


Dark Shelters, Le CAP Saint-Fons, Lyon, FR


All That You See Here, Forget, Emalin, London, UK

Aslan Ġoisum was born in 1991 in Grozny, Chechnya, RU and lives and works in Grozny.


Keicheyuhea follows the artist’s grandmother, Zayanu Khasueva, as she returns to her home village for the first time since her family’s deportation 73 years earlier. Keicheyuhea, a remote mountain settlement in the Galanchozh region of Chechnya, remained a closed territory under Soviet rule and has only recently become accessible to its former residents. In the artist’s first multi-shot video, the voice of Zayana Khasueva accompanies the arduous journey into the mountains.

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