Vajiko Chachkhiani: Heavy Metal Honey

29 june 2018

The Han Nefkens Foundation has produced the new film entitled, “Heavy Metal Honey” by Vajiko Chachkhiani. The film will be launched at Chachkhiani’s solo ... [+]

ADRIÁN BALSECA is the winner of the Han Nefkens Foundation - CAC Quito Video Art Production Award 2018

26 june 2018

The new work will be presented at the CAC in Quito as part of the exhibition "Over the Clouds: videos from the Han Nefkens Collection" in the summer of ... [+]

Presentation Apertus 2.0

04 may 2018

... [+]

Erkan Özgen: Production Grant

01 may 2018

ERKAN ÖZGEN: PRODUCTION GRANTHan Nefkens Foundation Production GrantManifesta 12 Palermo16.06.2018 and run until 04.11.2018The Han Nefkens Foundation is producing Erkan ... [+]

"City of Tales" selected to be screen in New York

28 march 2018

The new film by Arash Nassiri CITY OF TALES, has been selected to be screened during the “New Directors/New Films Festival" (March 28 – April 8) New York.This film ... [+]

The Award & Han Nefkens

26 march 2018

Extract from the article published at the CANVAS Magazine, Dubai.As the exhibition circled back to the artists as central gures on the stage of storytelling, my own walk through it ... [+]

Bárbara Sánchez at Fundació Miró

23 march 2018

"The Odessey" is her project for Espai 13, for the program "the Possibility of an Island", at Fundació Joan Miró. Bárbara Sánchez ... [+]

Aslan Gaisumov, his First Solo Exhibition in UK

14 march 2018

 Aslan Gaisumov presents his new film Keicheyuhea, produced by the Foundation at his first solo exhibition in UK. Emalin is pleased to present All That You See Here, ... [+]

MAYA WATANABE is the winner of the Han Nefkens Foundation – ArcoMadrid Award

23 february 2018

The new work will be presented at La Casa Encendida at Arco Madrid 2019  MAYA WATANABE has been chosen as the winner of the Han Nefkens Foundation – ArcoMadrid Award, ... [+]

Opening Trùng mù by Phuong Linh Nguyen

01 february 2018

The Han Nefkens Foundation and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre cordially invites you to an opening ofTrùng mù - endless, sightless by Phuong Linh Nguyen Winner of ... [+]

New dates for OLYMPIA by David Claerbout

21 december 2017

The instalation by video artist David Claerbout, will be at the MNAC, until January 14th, 2018. Organized as part of the LOOP Barcelona video art festival. An ... [+]

Apertus - The Book

15 december 2017

The Ass between Two Chairs was the title of the workshop proposed by Arash Nassiri, expressing the uncomfortable sensation of being between two places or states. This is ... [+]


13 december 2017

Next FLOW SERIES FLOW SERIES 13 - JOHAN GRIMONPREZJOHAN GRIMONPREZ artist from Belguim will talk with american writer Justin Go.In this last session of the year, the Belgian ... [+]

Han Nefkens wins the Art and Patronage Award from “la Caixa”

28 september 2017

 HAN NEFKENS, the artist Asier Mendizabal and the gallery Elba Benítez, Art and Patronage Awards 2017. The Art and Patronage Awards (Premios Arte y ... [+]


23 september 2017

SAVE THE DATE: 28 OCT. 2017 - 08 JAN. 2018Initiated in 2011, the second edition of the Han Nefkens Foundation-MACBA Award has been won by the Iranian collective formed by ... [+]

The collection travels to Quito (Ecuador)

28 july 2017

The exhibition In Search of Global Poetry: Videos from the Han Nefkens Collection, showed at the He Xiangning Art Museum in Shenzhen, China, with a selection of 12 videos from ... [+]

Update on the new project by Aslan Gaisumov

05 july 2017

The idea of the film related to the history of the Chechen people. From 23 February to 9 March 1944 the entire Chechen nations, about half a million people, were deported to ... [+]

Interview at LA VENTANA, Cadena Ser

04 july 2017

Text by Marina DiegoFlying and dreaming are two things that our guest has art to thank for, as well as helping him overcome the many hurdles he has faced in life. Han Nefkens is a ... [+]

New film by Arash Nassiri

08 june 2017

Han Nefknes Foundation has decided to participate in the production of the new film by Arash Nassiri "New Days".For the next Iranian New Year, “Nowruz,” ... [+]

Sojung Jun: Kiss me Quick - Solo exhibition in Seul.

02 june 2017

It's a great pleasure to present you the opening of "Sojung Jun: Kiss me Quick". Sojung Jun was the Grand Winner of the 14th SongEun ArtAward in 2014 and as a part of ... [+]

Han Nefkens Foundation Residency Grant De Ateliers, Amsterdam

01 june 2017

Eulàlia García has been selected among  760 candidates to be in a residence at De Ateliers, Amsterdam (Netherlands), for this working year 2017-2018.The ... [+]

FLOW SERIES #12 Waliid Raad con Carles Guerra

29 may 2017

Multimedia artist Walid Raad presents his work in Barcelona through the Fundació Han Nefkens The twelfth Flow Sèries proposes a conversation between the Lebanese ... [+]

FLOW SERIES #11 Haegue Yang with Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa

03 may 2017

FLOW SERIE 11:Conversation and aperitif with Haegue Yang, Max Andrews & Mariana Cánepa (Latitudes). Venue: Auditorium, Fundació Antoni ... [+]

"Borrowed Words" Performance with Han Nefkens

05 april 2017

 Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 7:00 p.m."Borrowed Words", 2016 Performance in the framework of the exhibition "Oriol Vilanova. Sunday".The collector ... [+]

FLOW SERIES #10 David Claerbout with J. J. Charlesworth

15 march 2017

David Claerbout (born 1969, Kortrijk, Belgium) is one of the most innovative and acclaimed artists working in the realm of moving images today, his oeuvre exists at the ... [+]


27 january 2017

Creation residences ALG> TNS> BCN 2016The Residences Project Creation ALG> TNS> BCN 2016-2017, ye Recoger results on previas estas experiencias y Desarrollo, a ... [+]

Sojung Jun in Paris

14 january 2017

Paris January 14 - March 18, 2017. Sojung Jun, artist in residency during last 2016 in Barcelona with the Han Nefkens Foundation will open a new exhibition in Paris this week, with ... [+]


20 november 2016

Sunday 20.11.2016 – 19:00h – BarcelonaThe CIMAM 2016 Annual Conference will be held in Barcelona from 18 to 20 November, followed by the two days post-conference tour ... [+]


08 july 2016

Here some pictures from the opening day with Arash Nassiri and Han Nefkens.And today, Friday, July 8, at 8 pm. Presentation of the workshop results of the workshop ... [+]


08 june 2016

Barcelona, Friday 3rd June 2016. The private dinner at Fundació Suñol was joined by some interested people like: Arash Nassiri; Cyrus Kabiru; Han ... [+]