Pep Vidal. Residency 2018 - Rijksakademie Amsterdam

A collaboration between The Han Nefkens Foundation and the Ramón Llull Institute


"I’m concentrating the residency on 3-4 focal points.  

- One of them, is to take advantage of the resources that the Rijksakadmie offers, such as the ceramic, painting or printing workshop and the library. In these circumstances, I am experimenting, without any goal or short-term result.

- Studio visits: Due to the prestige and efforts of the residency, we have studio visits with important people within the art world every week. For an hour, more or less, they will have a chat with you, explain the work and give you their opinions, etc. This is an important phase in training and the dissemination of the artist’s work. There’s a good working environment at the Rijksakademie.

- Preparing new exhibitions: As I have exhibitions in Antwerp and Brussels in May and September, respectively, I am also simultaneously working on preparing them.

 - Who wants to be an impatient gardener (?). This is the project I am spending more time on, here in the Rijksakademie. In 2016, I bought all the stock (plants and cut flowers) from a florist and took them to my workshop. Later on, in 2017, they were at the ADN gallery in Barcelona in an exhibition with the same name as the project. I then brought them here to the Rijkakademie. I rented a van here in Amsterdam and we made the trip from Amsterdam to Barcelona, loading all the plants into the van, and then Barcelona back to Amsterdam. My studio is full of plants. There are so many that sometimes it’s difficult to work in it, but it’s actually very beautiful. The project comprises of measuring, interacting and analysing the plants, getting to know more about this particular system -these plants- and to know more about other systems, other ways of thinking and doing. As a kind of knowledge base."


Pep Vidal

Residency Program Rijksakademie Amsterdam 2018