New encounters between literary translators - September 2017

SEPTEMBER 2017.- The translator as a writer. Conversation Between Elena Zernova, Amaranta Sbardella and Yannick García.

The first is a Russian translator of "Les veus de Pamano" by Jaume Cabré; the second is the Italian translator of "Incerta Glòria"; and the third is a writer ("La nostra vida vertical", 2013), interpreter and translator (Julio Verne and Georges Saunders, among others).

Yanick Garcia will orchestrate the conversation.
A thin line separates the task of translation from literary creation. The translator writes with a map and a compass while the writer makes a leap into the void? Is it cold in the shadow of the writer? Translators will share with the public the differences of both disciplines. Also, like the writer, is the translator influenced by his previous translations? Apart from these issues, translators will reveal the influence of their readings when translating a text into other languages. This will only be the starting point.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. in the Biblioteca de traducciones Bernard Lesfargues, at the IRL headquarters.

JULY 2017.- As part of the collaboration agreement to promote Catalan literature overseas, the IRL and the Han Nefkens Foundation are organising new events to raise the visibility of literary translators.

The Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) and the Han Nefkens Foundation continue their joint work to acknowledge the work of literary translators, who play a key role in promoting Catalan literature on the world stage. As part of the collaboration agreement signed in May 2016, two events are being organised this July to bring together Catalan authors in conversation with their translators, who will be staying at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) for the IRL’s annual translation residencies at the university. Both conversations will take place at the Bernard Lesfargues Translations Library, at the headquarters of the IRL (Palau del Baró de Quadras).

The first event, on Tuesday 18 July, will see the author of Germà de gel [Ice Brother], Alicia Kopf, in conversation with the Dutch translator of the novel, Irene van de Mhee. They will talk about the influence that images have on a writer’s words and the task of translating, bearing in mind that both writers have a background in the visual arts.

The second event, on Tuesday 25 July, will see the author of Jo confesso [Confessions], Jaume Cabré, in conversation with the Greek translator of the novel, Evriviadis Sofós. The Greek translation has been a huge hit in Greece and Jaume Cabré was invited to the Thessaloniki Book Fair. Author and translator will talk about the book’s success and explore the process of translating a book of this scope.

Both events have been organised in collaboration with the Department of Translation at the UAB.



Performance: Et dono la meva paraula

Alongside these two activities, on Monday 17 July the IRL will also host the performance Et dono la meva paraula [I Give You My Word], organised in conjunction with the Han Nefkens Foundation.

Dutch-born, Barcelona-based writer, collector and patron of the arts Han Nefkens will invite people from different spheres of Catalan culture to share their Catalan word of choice with him and to sum up, in three minutes, the memories, dreams and desires it evokes for them. At the end of the evening, poet Josep Pedrals will recite a poem incorporating all the words shared during the performance.


The translator as a writer.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. 

Biblioteca de traducciones Bernard Lesfargues,

Institut Ramon Llull