Tour de Force

A performance by Joan Morey on the history of AIDS/HIV and its relation to the city

Tour de force is a site-specific performance by Joan Morey, shifting poetically through various scenarios from the brief history of AIDS. It moves from its appearance as an illness and conversion into a pandemic at the end of the last century, to the paraphilia generated in relation to the transmission and spread of the virus it causes, HIV.

Tour de force questions the way HIV/AIDS is understood in the social sphere, showing how the syndrome has brought about the revival of older mechanisms of control over the body, desire and sexuality. As such, a dialogue is set up between the modern and the contemporary individual. The performance takes as its pretext the different stages of HIV/AIDS within the “libertine sexuality” of Western, masculine and homosexual society. The goal is to reveal other aspects related to the virus or its related illness, from stigmatization and isolation of individuals affected by AIDS to the possible undetectability of the virus, thanks to current clinical research and “self-care”.

All told, this constitutes a set of circumstances that take on another level when seropositive individuals are inscribed within control mechanisms related to health systems, or in analysing how laws and policies on AIDS in various countries have seriously affected the movement and international mobility of those affected. These contemporary situations have had a great social, political and economic impact, giving rise to new cosmogonies of desire related to the infection, as well as the pharmacological construction of a utopian body.


How it works, and public attendance

The performance Tour de force is structured into a prologue and five acts. The prologue takes place in the Pati de les Dones and the Mirador of the CCCB, and is open to an adult audience by prior registration. Afterwards, the five acts, in which a restricted number of spectators can take part, will be carried out in five parallel routes laid out over various sites in the city.

When the performance ends, participants will be able to enjoy a free guided visit to the exhibition 1000 m² of Desire: Architecture and Sexuality, at the CCCB.

This activity has been coproduced by the Fundació Han Nefkens and the CCCB on the occasion of the exhibition 1000 m² of Desire.


7 march 2017

19:00 h. 

CCCB - Montalegre, 5, Barcelona, 08001 Barcelona